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The goal of any company is to grow, maximize profits and minimize the tax burden to ensure continued growth and success. Your goal is valid and we can help you achieve that and so much more!

At Yonah Tax, we ensure that you get the minimum possible size of the tax burden on your business under legally established tax standards.
Based here in Cleveland, Georgia, we sleep and breathe taxes and deductions. We’ll use the most effective strategies when it comes to your business and finances. We know the laws and we make it work for you!
Our business tax planning model stands out anywhere with our specialist tax advisors who have an in-depth understanding of the Tax Code and how tax works in the state of Georgia. We not only help you minimize tax payments in the short-term but also ensure that the future of your enterprise is in secure hands.

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We provide expert advice and recommendations based on your unique business model regardless of the size, including business structuring and asset purchase, tax-efficient investments and conversions. Regardless of your business industry, Yonah Tax provides solutions tailored specifically for your business.

In our 10 years of service to the people of Georgia and beyond, we’ve served several clients in different industries with different needs and business models.

We’re flexible and can adapt to any unique situation you have. You only need to call us now!

Our Business Tax Preparation Services Overview

Why Should You Choose Us?

Business Safety

The safety of your personal, business secrets and files is a priority to us. Our communication system is leak-proof with compliance to IRS Circular 230 and our tax preparation processes are done using CPATAXBANK services offered through United Tax Partners Services

Rest assured all your files are secure and communication is leak-proof.


Our team of experts is equipped with ten years of experience, helping business owners in and around Cleveland, Georgia.
With dedication and a genuine passion for tax preparation and finance management, we’re the best team to help you with your financial management journey!


You can rest assured that any new or existing federal, state or local tax-incentive, strategies, exemptions or deductions that exist are being applied to maximize benefits for you and grow your wealth.

Ease and Efficiency

We know how difficult tax-related issues can be so we make the process as easy and hassle-free as possible.

Tax Intake forms are provided for you to facilitate the process of giving all your tax information that we need. With the option to send it from home over a secure internet link we’ll provide, mail it or even bring it to our office in person, taxing just got easier.

Forward Thinking

As a small or big business owner, you deserve tax advisors who put you in mind, think forward and do everything they can to minimize risk and maximize results for you, now and in the future.
Small Business Strategy Development

Why Yonah Tax?

At Yonah Tax, our experts employ critical and forward-thinking skills to protect the future of your business. We ensure that as we’re making the present easy, you don’t have to worry about the future either!

We are here to help you navigate the muddy waters of business tax preparation.

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