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Safety of your personal information is paramount!

Safety of your personal information is paramount!

We are proud to only operate in a private and secure, IRS Circular 230 compliant communications network to submit all state and federal tax work documents. We participate in the tax return preparation process via a proprietary US-based, nationwide network through the CPATAXBANK services offered through United Tax Partners Services so the security of our system is of the highest available anywhere!

Intake Form
A tax intake questionnaire can facilitate the process of pulling together your tax information. This basic tax intake tool is designed for new clients and allows you to gather the information you need for us to help you. You can then print the completed tax intake tool and mail it, drop it off at our offices or request a secure Internet link be sent to you to upload your documents from home… whichever way best serves you! NEVER fax or e-mail the completed forms over the phone lines or Internet… It’s not secure! Our private IT System provides a secure connection between your computer and ours to safely upload your information if you desire. We also find it helpful if you provide your last two years tax returns that includes prior year information and carryover data.

You’re always welcome to bring your information to any of our offices in person. To download a copy of the file, please Click Here.

Federal Tax Forms
Looking for a federal tax form? Click Here to browse the IRS’s online tax forms library to find downloadable IRS forms. The forms are presented in PDF format and are acceptable for filing with the IRS. You may also choose from dozens of helpful tax publications developed by the IRS to help taxpayers have a better understanding of various tax issues. Available in PDF format, these publications are written in a plain language format geared specifically to taxpayers.

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