Small Business Strategy Development Cleveland

Small Business Strategy Development

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Are you a small business owner or you’re looking to start one soon? You’re probably worried about how much your financial future would look like and one thing you’ll always want to avoid is unnecessary income loss and taxes.

At Yonah Tax, we help you with filing for your local, state and federal taxes while applying the right tax-saving strategies to help you with your tax liability. We ensure that you take advantage of all the legally available deductions available for you.
With property taxes, unemployment insurance, sales and use taxes, zoning taxes, corporation taxes and all other forms of taxes to worry about, you need an expert to handle it all for you.

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As a small business owner, it is important to pay attention to your tax planning before those taxes accumulate. Getting a qualified tax advisor at Yonah Tax is one of the best decisions you can make for your business growth. Sometimes, small business owners don’t consider tax planning as important until it gets to the time when they now have to pay huge bills that can hurt their business survival.

Why Should You Get A Tax Strategy As A Small Business?

Small Business Strategy Development

Some Key Tax Strategies That Work

Income Projections

It is important to do correct income projections that help us to recommend the right tax strategies for you. Income projections are necessary so we can determine your appropriate tax brackets and the benefits that you can get.

Business Expenses Maximization

One way to lower your tax bills is to maximize business expenses that could qualify as deductions. One of those expenses is business meals and to qualify, both the business purposes and environment have to tally. It is important to keep these records as they have an impact on the amount of deductions.

Automobile Deductions

Cost of operation and maintenance of vehicles used for business purposes can almost be claimed as deductions. Costs can be claimed on multiple vehicles if you have them. These expenses can be deducted through the standard mileage rate or the actual incurred expenses. Keeping these records is important to claim deductions.

Home Office Deductions

When you work with a home office, it can be tricky to claim deductions but at the end of the way, it's worth it. Always use your home address on business cards, log phone calls in, keep invoices and receipts etc. You're well on your way to getting the maximum tax benefits. There are other small basic deductions like arm card fees and business travel fees that we help you claim to ensure that

Small Business Strategy Development

Why Yonah Tax?

As a small business, you need the maximum support you can get to thrive in the business world. And one of the easiest ways to set yourself up for success is working with tax planning and filling experts. You cannot go wrong with our tax experts at Yonah Tax. Book a FREE strategy session with a tax expert today