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Charitable Tax Planning Strategies In Cleveland, Georgia

Here’s A Quick Overview:

We help you keep the tradition of giving alive while ensuring that you get the maximum tax deduction benefits that go along with it.

Charitable Tax Planning can be complicated if not professionally handled. Yearly, people lose billions to the government when that money could have been used to help others. We know you would rather support your favorite charities than gifting the government. That’s exactly why we’re here, to help you give the smarter way!

At Yonah Tax, we live, breath and speak effective tax planning strategies. We help you understand how much to give, when to give it and how to give it, ensuring that you’re giving the maximum you can to help others while receiving the maximum tax benefits yourself.

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The United States Tax Code takes into account the importance of giving and provides tax incentives for those willing to donate to the society. We ensure that you get all those incentives and more by using our years of experience and expertise in Tax Code and Strategies.

We are what you need to take your charitable giving to the next level.

Charitable Tax Planning Strategies That Actually Work

Three kinds of Federal Taxes can be reduced through making charitable contributions: income tax, capital gains and estate taxes. With a combination of the right tax planning strategies and an understanding of how they work, you’re on your way to maximizing tax deductions.
We have a team of charitable tax experts who are ready to help you plan your taxes and make the most impact with it.

Here’s A Quick Overview:

Here’s A Quick Overview:

Income Tax Strategies

You can get a tax deduction from your income when you donate to 501(c)3 public charities. This is as a result of the tax rate which is applied to the remaining income after donation instead of the total income. One way to maximize those deductions is to do a "bunching". This means that in a high-income year, you can use a donor-advised fund to combine all your contributions to charity in that single year. You can then spread the funds over time to charity. It's a win-win because you get the maximum deductions while donating higher amounts to charity. We not only ensure that you get maximum deductions, but we also ensure that your charitable donations are put to good use exactly where you want them to be.

Capital Gains Tax Strategies

With capital gains, it is possible to reduce your total tax liability by donating assets that have appreciated over a long time. The fair market value can be deducted from your income tax and your capital tax is also reduced. Assets that can be donated include real estate, shares or stocks.

Estate Tax Strategies

Estate planning and taxes can be quite complicated but our estate planning professionals at Yonah Tax make it simple and seamless! This tax is placed on the transfer of your property at death. Your insurance policies, trust funds and other assets form part of your estate and can be structured to ensure that your heirs get the maximum amount they can. You can make donations to charity to remove some items from your estate before it is totaled and taxed. This allows the optimum performance of your donations and unlimited deductions from your estate.

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At Yonah Tax, we’ve worked with several clients in Cleveland and its surrounding areas, and we can help you, too. We have a personalized approach to helping you and ensuring that you get the best service.

We discuss your unique situation and help you find the exact tax planning strategies to reduce your taxable assets through charity and the perfect charitable organizations for your donations.

We believe that “The More You Give, The More You Have.”

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