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Smart tax planning can make a big difference for your business. Planning is the key to successfully reducing your tax liability, and to ensure that allowances, deductions, rebates etc. are well analyzed and presented for compliance with existing tax laws.

Whether you run a large business or a small one, there are tax planning strategies that could help to achieve your business and financial goals.

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Some of these strategies when appropriately deployed will help your business to:

Common Type Of Taxes That May Apply To Your Business

Below, we look at some of the more common types of taxes that may affect you and your business and recommend strategies that could bring you up to speed ahead of the incoming tax season.

Capital Gains Tax (CGT)

A capital gain is the value accrued to your investments over a time period. The capital gains tax format is tricky for small business owners who are typically overjoyed for making some money in the business year only to learn that money is owed to the taxman. The challenge for some business owners then is to determine how much is owed and when payment is due. In most cases, you do not pay tax on a capital gain until you’ve sold the asset. One strategy that we recommend to our clients is to help reduce and even eliminate their net capital gains is to hold assets for more than one year before selling off. Other alternatives include using employing tax shelters or purchasing tax-favored investments like flow-through shares with varying levels of risk involved.

Corporate Tax

Corporate Tax is a form of direct tax levied on businesses for earnings over a period of time.Corporate tax is generally levied on the operating earnings of a company, which is revenue minus depreciation, COGS (Cost of goods sold), SG&A (Selling general and administrative expenses), and other operating costs. A company can register as an S corporation to avoid double taxation. An S corporation does not pay corporate tax as all taxes are paid through individual tax returns.

International Tax

Before you go ahead to set up companies abroad in tax-friendly jurisdictions (also known as tax havens), you should seek the advice of your local tax agency to identify potential pitfalls and opportunities with your new venture. Having the wrong tax plan could prove costly especially if you’re operating internationally. Some of the strategies in this area are also focused on protecting against unforeseen tax obligations which could hinder your business.

Some of these strategies when appropriately deployed will help your business to:

Small Business Strategy Development

Why Yonah Tax?

Our tax planning services offer our clients an advantage for their business. We have carefully chosen a team of tax planners, well trained in all areas of taxation, ready to take care of your every need.

With extensive experience and knowledge, they are qualified to analyze business transactions from a legal perspective as well as from a tax perspective. They will be able to perform the necessary calculations, based on current legislation and give you professional tax planning advice.

At Yonah Tax we believe that your business is unique so our tax planners work with you individually to find the most suitable options for your specific needs.